Benjamin Franklin

His Story

Ben Franklin

Many people call Ben Franklin the first man of the 1800's. He was a man of science and a leader in the American Revolution.

His Childhood

Ben was born on January 17,1706, on a snowy day . He had 14 brothers and sisters. His favorite was Jane. When he was seven, he wrote an amazing poem, which caused his parents to send him to school. At the age of 10, he worked for his dad. At the age 12, he went to work for his brother James who was a printer. He wrote many stories about a person named Silence Dogood. His brother was thrown in jail, because he published the stories. Ben ran away from his printer job.
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Starting A New Life

After he ran away, he went off to New York and later to Philadelphia. When he got to Philadelphia, he wrote to his family to let them know were he was and why he left. In Philadelphia, he met his future wife and stayed in their guest room till he could find a home. The Pennsylvania's governor read some of Ben's work and offered to help him open his own print shop.

Middle Life

In 1729, Franklin adopted William. A year later, he married Deborah Read. In 1731, he created the first lending library so we can read books and study. A year later, Frances was born, but he died at age four. In 1736, he created the first American volunteer fire fighting station. His daughter Sarah was born in 1743. Later, he invented the Franklin Stove, a lightning rod, and the glass armonica.

Late Life

His wife died of a stroke in 1774. Later, he was elected as a Pennsylvania delegate to the second Continental Congress, and was elected postmaster general of the colonies. Ben helped a lot before and during the American Revolution War. If it was not for him, we would of lost the war.

Ben supervised the Constitutional Convention of Pennsylvania. He helped draft and signed the Declaration of Independence. He arrives in Paris as a colonial ambassador to the French Court. He helped get French aid and a French alliance in the Revolutionary War. He signed the Treaty of Paris , along with John Adams and John Jay. Ben also made bifocals for himself and other people.

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Ben died on April 17, 1790, at the age 84 .