There is Arthur,Dan ,Miss.smiley,MR.Hatch and miss.Hatch ,Ryan and stacy,. Ronie Vea


The Tornado hit them.

It moved on.

Stacy found them . They found there mom.



first,they were at the beach. It was there frist time that summer. Then it became very windy and they left and rode there bikes home. Then they got home and Dan called Aurthurs mom and asked if he could stay the night and said yes. They were watching tv that night and it popped up with the letters CD CD CD CD CD CD CD CD CD AND SIRENS WENT OFF !!!!! they ran in to Ryan`s room and grabed him why they were getting Ryan .mom left to go check on Mrs. Smiley. And they left to go in the basement they got down there and took cover . they were wondering were Dan`s mom is. The tornado destrode them but they were ok. After they sat for a while and Stacy came and got them out .They found there mom. Then she rode the bus to k mart .Then they went to go help miss smiley. miss smiley was on the couch and SNOZING she was asleep on the couch . They got a ride from Officer Kelly .drove them to the womes cell and a tornado appeared out of no were and smashed them. officer Kelly COULD NOT so e asked if Dan could drive he said yes so he drove to the women's cell . The stared to drive to k mart Dan got so impatient he jumped out of the car and wanted to go find his mom so he ran to k mart and a guy said hey you can`t go in there he said why and he said it flooded . They moved every body out last night so Dan said were did they go and he said all over like the church. and he walked back a cupple of feet and sat down and cried then he herd a pick up truck and it was his mom and dad!!!


They spend a night at the women`s cell.

They were in and out of Dan`s house.

They were outside a lot.