The Carboniferous Time

358.9 million years ago and ended 298.9 million years ago

Major Geologic Event Of The Carboniferous Time Period.

The Appalachian Mountain's began to form

What should travelers pack for comfort and safety?

Dominant organisms living at that time - animals and plant

At that time they were a few new living organisms here are some, Dragonfly, Cockroach, Amphibian, Coal forest.

What was the climate like?

Early in the Carboniferous Period, Earth's climate was warm. Later, glaciers formed at the poles, while equatorial regions were often warm and humid. Earth's climate became similar to today's, shifting between glacial and interglacial periods

What are the main things travelers might like to see?

They might like to see the forests and the tropical views. They might also want to see all the plant and some other living organisms.

What was the environment like?

There were great swamps, forest of huge woody trees cover eastern North America and parts of Europe.

What dangers might travelers face?

Insects, deep swamps, mountains forming, poisonous amphibian, reptiles.