Book Presentation by Connor Cherry

10 Cognates

Colores: Colors

Ratón: Rat

En: in

México: Mexico

es: is

Violeta: Violet/purple

No: no

Radio: Radio

Teléfono: Telephone

Television: Television

10 New Words + Meaning

Bastaba: Be Enough

Deslizo: To Pass

Ruido: Noise

Cochecito: Baby Carriage

Murmullos: Low Voice

Zumbidos: Buzz

Suaves: Smooth

Tintineos: Jingles

Graves: Serious

Delicados: Delicate

English Summary

The book foxtrot was a very interesting and cool book to read for younger ages especially elementary school children. It talks about how a young fox explores the world by coming out of its den and it learns quite a bit.He does end up at gun point with his family due to a hunter but escapes. It is overall a great book and i really enjoyed reading it.

Spanish Questions

El libro se llama Foxtrot

El autor se llama Helme Heine

La idea principal es aventura

El personaje principal se llama Foxtrot

El personaje principal hace aventura y explorar el mundo

El personaje principal es aventuras y curioso

El personaje principal es aventura y aprendizaje

Sí a mí me gusta el libro porque es interesante y a mucho buen libro a leo

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