Divine Providence School

Reopening with Trust / Home and School Connection

July 30, 2020

School is scheduled to start August 24, 2020

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Have Questions?

If you have any questions that you need a answer to (please understand you will be receiving weekly updates regarding our reopening plan) you can submit them with this link or email the Archdiocese of Chicago or ReopenSchools@archchicago.org

Reopening News

We are currently working on the reopening plan for 2020-2021. Every week we will provide updates on the plan as well as other important information about the start of the new school year. To view theArchdiocese framework for our plan click here.

The above two documents are more detailed about the start of our new year.

The Archdiocese framework that is linked above is the framework being used to work on our reopening plans. Every element of our plan makes student and staff safety a top priority. We are working hard to make sure that we provide our staff with the training we need to safely deliver face-to-face instruction without compromising our academic excellence. We know you may have questions, so please refer to the above document to see what the plan is for the start of the year for students. Please understand that as the virus changes, so may our plan. This plan is for the opening of our school for 5 full days in person, not e-learning. E-learning is separate, and a process that the Archdiocese of Chicago is coordinating. All the information regarding e-learning is given below. The school has no further information. As information is shared with us, we will deliver it to you. In some cases, the Archdiocese with share it with you directly. Currently the Archdiocese does not have a plan to allow hybrid learning. The team of contributors and various experts emphasizes that, based on evidence, there is little incremental benefits to add a possible additional foot in social distancing over the multi-layer precautions in our plan. In addition to the negative impact it may have on students, hybrid schedules create more student downtime on their virtual days leading to increased socializing and activities, thus potentially broadening students' exposure to germs. Conversely, the cohort model in which students are consistently with the same group of classmates allows us to limit the potential of any cross contamination and exposure throughout the entire school.

Face masks

All students ages 2 and up must wear a face mask to school daily and have an extra mask at school. Masks must be a solid color. Masks are also available through our uniform company, Schoolbelles. Their link is below by uniform code 2020-2021

Please remember masks must be a solid color for ALL students preschool through 8th grade. Please take the time to have your child get used to wearing a mask. While at home, you can make it fun with fun designs, but when school starts please remember they must be a solid color.


Tips on how to get your kids to wear masks while at school

E-Learning option- Archdiocese of Chicago Virtual School

This information has been provided to us from the Archdiocese of Chicago:

The Archdiocese is expected to have more information about e-learning. E-learning will teach the core subjects, mainly English / Language Arts and Math, and will be taught by teachers from Catapult learning. The curriculum will be the same Archdiocese of Chicago curriculum that we follow, however, it will not be aligned directly with us. If you enroll your child in e-learning, tuition would remain the same and would still be paid to us, your home school. You must register for a full trimester at a time. E-learning classes are expected to begin September 8, 2020. Your child would receive Religion instruction from Divine Providence School. This would begin at the same time as the rest of the school. We do not have any more information at this time. Please watch for an email coming straight from the Archdiocese of Chicago.

Some questions about e-learning:

QUESTION: If the students in school need to go into e-learning would my child continue to receive receive instruction from Catapult or would they switch to their DP teacher?

ANSWER: If we a remanded to close school, students will continue to receive instruction from the same teacher that they started the trimester with. Catapult e-learning students would stay with their Catapult teacher.

QUESTION: When can I sign up for e-learning for my student?

ANSWER: The Archdiocese has not started this process.

Preparing Children for the Reopening of Schools


We welcome Mrs. Toni Podock to the role of tuition administrator. She can help you with any questions you may've regarding tuition billing.

She can be reached at tonilpodock@archchicago.org

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Health requirements

Please note carefully the areas to be completed on the form by: a) parents, and b) physician. These areas must be completed and signed by the proper persons. Please be certain also to fill in the heading of the form with the child’s name, address, age, grade, birthdate, etc. Any incomplete form will be returned to you for completion. With your cooperation, we will be able to update your child’s health record and there will be no need for additional requests for missing information.

The completed form may be returned to the school office at any time before the first day of school, and no later than September 1, 2020. The law insists that no child is to be admitted to school without a physical.

Thank you for your cooperation in this important matter.

Dental requirement

All kindergarten, 2nd and 6th grade students must have a dental form sign by their dentist in our school file no later than May 15, 2021. This form can be found here. While this form is not due until the end of the school year, we recommend making an appointment as soon as possible.
2020-2021 Dress Code - Includes solid color masks

Masks not have to be bought through Schoolbelles. Any solid color mask is acceptable for all grades.

Divine Providence Staff 2020-2021

Principal - Mrs. LeTourneau

Preschool - Mrs. Brennan, Mrs. Santore

Prekindergarten - Mrs. Scavelli, Mrs. Caruso

Kindergarten - Miss Slayton, Mrs. Sitton

First Grade - Mrs. Galdek

Second Grade - Mrs. Southerton

Third Grade - Mrs. Mahalingam

Fourth Grade - Miss Brauneker

Fifth Grade, Math & Assistant Principal, - Mrs. Blase

Sixth Grade, Social Studies - Miss Minneci

Seventh Grade, Science - Mrs. Pavilonis

Eighth Grade, Reading - Mrs. Sautariello

Music - Mrs. Urban

Spanish - Miss Carrasco

P.E. - TBA

Mrs. Toni Podock, Tuition Administrator

Mrs. Farmar - School Office

Linda Hawkins - Director of Marketing and Enrollment

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