Owl Team

Feb. 22-26

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Giving Back to the Community

Thank you all who have donated items to Bryan Animal Center and Lizzie's Hand Rescue! Below are some pictures showing how some of your donations are being used to comfort and entertain the cats and dogs.

We continue to collect items. Visit link to see how you can help:


Events Coming Up/Important Information

Link to Oakwood's calendar of events: http://ow.csisd.org/

Feb. 22- A new rotation starts for the Wheel.

6th grade registration forms will be sent home on Wednesday, February 24.

February 24- 4:30-6pm Open House for incoming 5th graders AND 6th graders.

Feb. 29-March 3 Book Fair

Nominations are currently being accepted for GT testing for the 2016-17 school year. An informational meeting (not mandatory) for parents will be held on February 25, at 5:30 p.m. in the Board Room at 1812 Welsh. Nomination forms are available on the Oakwood website or in the school office. Nomination forms are due by March 4, 2016. Forms are found below. Click on "GT-Valencia" to access GT forms.



Language Arts

Non-Fiction Unit

Persuasive writing continues until the end of the week.

Persuasive letters (written in Spanish) convincing friends, teachers, or parents to visit the state they are researching in Social Studies class are due February 26th.

Some students still owe library fines, please pay them ASAP!


5th 6 weeks: Adaptations and ecosystems

-Homework: 7 words in foursquare

-Monday: Adaptations of animals and plants

-Tuesday: Adaptations to different ecosystems

-Wednesday: Ecosystems

-Thursday: Inherited traits and learned behaviors

-Friday: Vocabulary test

Social Studies

States project that correlates with ELA- Project is due Friday, March 4. Students will have a total of SEVEN class days to work on project. If project is not completed at the end of seven days, it becomes homework.

Students must bring their shoe box to class if they have not already done so.


Please note that purchasing items for the project is NOT required. In fact, I'd prefer that they use recycled/unwanted items and construction paper.

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February Birthdays










Mondays 3:40-4:30


Tuesday-Friday during Success by Mr. Velez

by invitation only


Monday- Friday 7:50-8:10am

Reading buddies by invitation only

Please note that all events/activities are subject to change.