The Shelterbox MFL Challenge

The important details

You will need to design 2 ShelterBoxes for use in different conditions:

  • After a flood- see the example in Mexico here
  • After a hurricane- see the example in Nicaragua here
  • After an earthquake- see the example in Peru here

Each entry must:

  • include 15 items per ShelterBox- the items that you feel victims would need most in the aftermath of a disaster in these conditions.
  • include a justification of WHY you think those 15 items would be the most important to not only help them survive but also to start to rebuild. However, the ideas must also be workable and be able to fit in a box- so a tent would be more workable than a pop-up 3 bedroom house!
  • be in a visual digital format. It could be in a video, an animation, a presentation- however you want!
  • be in Spanish
  • be under 4 minutes in total duration

Entries will be judged by the following criteria. They must be:

  • creative- both in terms of the language used and the ideas and presentation method.
  • thought-provoking
  • persuasive

Closing date: Friday, 23rd May, 2014

When payment is received you will be invited to the school's specific Dropbox folder which the chosen entry in your school should be uploaded to by (and preferably before) the closing date.

This competition is supported by, but not run by, ShelterBox

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