Schindlers list

Juan Estrada

Setting of Schindlers list

  • D.E.F (factory), that is where Schindler made business, 1944
  • Krakow, Poland, that is where most of the film was directed
  • Plaszow labour Camp,13-4 March
  • The villa of Amon Goeth
  • Kazimierz, used as a ware house by the German nazis


  • Oskar Schindler: He was the main character of the movie he had a huge impact on the jews during ww2. Oskar Schindler saved over a thousand jewish lives during the war.
  • Itzhak Stern: He was schindlers accountant. He had a huge impact in this movie because he was the one that ran the business for Oskar Schindler. Oskar Schindler woulnt of been able to save those Jewish lives if it wasn't for Itzhak Stern.
  • Amon Goeth: He had a big impact on this movie because he was cruel and his actions showed us a basic idea of how officers treated jewish people in the concentration camps.
  • Helen Hirsch: She played Amon Goaths maid. She was an impactful woman because it showed how maids were treated during the war.
  • The little girl in red: She played a very important part in the movie even though it lasted a phew minutes. she was the one that marked schindlers change in his heart, which lead to saving thousands of jews lives.


  • Little girl in red: she represents the beginning of change in Schindlers heart.
  • Star of David: this was used to determine who was jewish and who wasn't.
  • Piles of personal items: This showed how the jewish were not coming back from the concentration camps. The German nazis too all their belongings.


This movie was very valuable to me because it really shows how brutal the holocaust was on all the jews. I felt like this movie opened up my mind of just how brutal a human being can be on another just because they are different from them. This movie showed how inhuman the German nazis were on the Jews.

This movie showed a lot of good content. It showed how concentration camps looked like, how the ghettos looked like. This movie also showed you where and how the jews lived during that time in World War 2. This was the perfect movie Mr. Harris could show us to get the big picture of how the Holocaust was, even though we know that it was way worse than what they showed in the movie.