2016 GLE Summer Community

Pre-Arrival Assignments

Check-in and Update

Hey all! As we get closer to our arrival date, I wanted to make sure that we are all on the same page. It looks like our 3 groups are all set for organization visits which is very exciting! I'm very proud of you all for taking the time and effort with this challenge. I know it wasn't easy. Please if you haven't already, confirm with Amy your times and locations. Thanks!

Pre-Arrival Assignments

We have two pre-arrival assignments for you all. Don't worry, they are not hard! If anything, these two assignments are simply to help us get to know each other better and to help you prepare for your organization visits.

Also just to make sure, does everyone have a computer to bring with them? Please let me know if you do not and we will work something out!

1) Digital Narrative: Who am I?

Please bring in 3-5 photos of your life and who you are. Many times, pictures say so much more than words, so it would be wonderful for each of us to share our personal stories through images. These images can include family, friends, culture, tradition, hobbies, personality, etc. We encourage you to be as creative as possible so have fun with it! This assignment is for you to share what you want us to know about you.

2) Research and Prepare

All of you have answered the essay questions regarding what social issue you are interested in. Now we would like you to take it a step further. Since your groups have now confirmed your organization visits, we would like you to research your organizations. Not only their history and what they do, but also how they link to your social issue interest. This assignment is to help you prepare for your organization visits. For your pre-arrival assignment, we would like you to prepare at least 5 different questions for your organization. They must be thoughtful, creative, and most importantly, relevant. Each participant will bring these questions with them, and the day before your organization visits, you will have time to get into your groups and discuss.

One last suggestion, do your best to make sure your questions are open-ended questions, for example starting your questions using words like, "How, Why, and What". The purpose of this is for them to have a chance to elaborate and explain, rather than just having a Yes or No, or one-word answer.

Amy and I will check in with each group on that day as well to make sure you are all on the right track. If you guys have any questions regarding the two assignments or regarding anything else for that matter, please don't hesitate!

Good luck and we can't wait to see you all!