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Fitness anywhere!

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Lesson Objectives

*I CAN see how my behaviors impact my health.

*I CAN see how school impacts my health.


No matter what, no matter where, physical activity to improve your fitness is always possible!

Check out the following article on different ways to exercise at home........


We have talked a lot about the benefits of regular physical activity. In our lesson over the heart and circulatory system in our last unit we learned in order to strengthen our heart and respiratory system we need to get our heart rate up for at least 20 minutes 2-3 times a week. The PE classes you have taken gave you that opportunity built into the school day, but even when PE is no longer on your class schedule you can still find simple, easy ways to be active that require no cost and no equipment!

Fitness can happen anywhere, now people might look at you funny if you choose to do these exercises in a public place other than a park, but it can be done! We chose to complete our exercises in a regular classroom and one of our cadets helped us out in the weight room, but you can easily do them in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

A lot of the exercises you are going to do today will be very familiar to you from things you have done in PE class. Some of them we may have only done every now and again, and some will be new to you. As always you get to choose the intensity and there are modifications mentioned in the video to help you out if you find some exercises too challenging.


You will need to watch the following video and complete the exercises that are demonstrated as explained. You will be doing the entire workout twice through, taking a two minute break in between sets. You may choose to follow along with the video and just press pause between exercises or just make note of how many reps you are supposed to do of each exercise and do them all consecutively.

Most of the exercises call for you to complete a certain number of reps, however some are timed so you will want to make sure to have some sort of timer like your cell phone, stop watch, a kitchen timer, or be able to see a clock and watch the seconds hand.

Click the link below to get to the video and have fun!



Modifications for exercises are included in the video under the activities heading.


_____ - Read the introduction and instruction

_____ - Complete the Activities

_____ - Complete the Assessment by answering and submitting the Google Form