The Great Storm of 1975

By survivor: Abby Thomas


On January 9,1975, the great storm of 1975 occurred. It is also known as the Storm of the century. It is one of worst blizzards in the Midwest. It was so bad that people were snowbound for 4-3 days (depending on where you were) and out of power. This storm also brought sadness to americans.

Strength and size

A blizzard doesn't have strength, but they have very high wind speeds and can pile cities in snow. The blizzard piled cities in Minnesota and other cities around them. It dropped 2 feet of snow and made a record of how low the pressure was. It was 961 millibars. The blizzard's wind speeds got up to 9 miles per hour which filled the sky with nothing but snow.

Death toll

The blizzard created tornadoes that happened in Oklahoma, Alabama, Florida, Louisiana , Arkansas, Texas, Indiana, Illinois, North Carolina, and Mississippi. The tornadoes killed 12 people. It also injured 200 people. The blizzard killed 58 people. All together they killed 70 people. The tornadoes and blizzards also killed 100,000 farm animals. After the blizzard farmers made a better animal housing system and better ways to shelter them and keep them from harsh weather. This storm encouraged many farmers to take better care of their animals and make sure they are good and healthy.

Destruction of homes and cost of damages

The blizzard damaged many houses and damaged even more with the tornadoes he created. Many trees fell and damaged houses. Many signs and things on the ground were stuck under 2-3 feet of snow. The amount of money to fix what the blizzard did was $20 million dollars and for tornadoes it was $43 million dollars. $63 million dollars in damages.
Weather History: Great Storm of 1975 (Super Bowl Blizzard)

Interesting facts

The Great Storm of 1975 got a the nickname "The Super Bowl Blizzard." It got this name because it happened 3-4 days before the Super Bowl. It was the Minnesota Vikings and the Pittsburgh Steelers. This blizzard also created 45 tornadoes blizzard rarely ever create tornadoes. The last interesting fact is that it started in the Pacific. It ussually starts in the north or Canada and moves down. But instead it started in the Pacific Ocean and moved east.