Multi-Level System of Supports

the new MTSS pyramid

More tiers, more tears?

Not at all! Over the past two years, adding tiers to the pyramid helps teachers and interventionists know which students they are responsible for providing intervention, monitoring progress, etc. These additional tiers ensure that more struggling students are provided the appropriate interventions they need.
Big picture

What is Tier 1?

Tier 1 is for any student (gen ed, SPED, 504, etc.) considered "on-grade level" (or above) and requires minimal supports to be successful both academically and socially in the classroom.

What is Tier 2?

Tier 2 is for any student considered "off-grade level" and not academically, emotionally, or socially ready to learn on-grade level instruction.

What is Tier 3?

Tier 3 is simply defined as an intensification of Tier 2 and is for any student needing intensive intervention to get back on grade level.

What is Tier 3D?

Tier 3D is for any student who receives dyslexia services.

What is Tier 4?

Tier 4 is for any student in Special Education who has IEP goals in behavior, reading, and/or math.

What is Tier 4D?

Tier 4D is for any student who is in Special Education having IEP goals in behavior, reading, and/or math AND also receives dyslexia services.