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January 2016

Greetings friends,

Happy new year! Here's to a new year in wellness. I'm so excited to introduce Melaleuca's brand new products this month. I attended the annual Launch event on Saturday. I was so inspired by the message of each presenter. I love working for a company with such strong core values! Our mission is simple: to enhance the lives of those we touch by helping people reach their goals. What are your goals for 2016? Some of the most popular resolutions include losing weight, getting more sleep, adopting a healthier diet, keeping in touch with friends, saving money and reducing stress. Whatever your goals may be, I'm confident Melaleuca can help you reach some of them!

Here is the latest information presented in the Customer Chronicle:

Melaleuca Product Testimonials

I decided to polish my grandma's silver tea set. I didn't want to use normal furniture polish because it is so toxic. I had heard the Melaleuca's Toothpolish can be used. It worked better than I could even imagine! Kelly A.


My son came home from the Army in his new uniform. I decided to wash it for him. Everything went well in the washer, but when I opened the dryer, ink was everywhere from a pen that was left in a pocket. It was all over the dryer and all over his uniform. I went into complete panic mode! I grabbed the Sol-U-Mel. It took a whole bottle, but it all came out. The dryer is clean and the uniform, which I soaked in Sol-U-Mel and used PreSpot on each spot, is completely clean. The best thing is I never had to tell my son his uniform was covered in ink. Whew! Jen D.


Mountain Cabin Coffee

Melaleuca is proud to introduce organic, fair trade Mountain Cabin Premium Coffee: a collection of fine, flavorful, masterfully roasted coffee blends sourced from the finest coffee regions of the world. Ground and K-Cups available.

This line features 3 Premium Coffee Blends, 2 Premium Flavored Coffees (Vanilla and Hazelnut), Premium Decaffeinated Coffee, and 3 Mountain Cabin Single-Serve Specialty Drinks: Caramel Apple Cider, Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa, and Luxe Vanilla Cappuccino.

NEW Safe and Mighty Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Now there is an effective and environmentally-responsible way to keep your toilet bowl clean and fresh. All-new SAFE and MIGHTY delivers unmatched cleaning power with organic acids that keep your bathroom smelling as clean as it looks. No chlorine bleach, toxic chemicals, or harsh fumes. Concentrated, easy-cling formula. No childproof cap required. Tilt-neck bottle delivers gel right where you need it.

5680 $5.69 3pts.

3 NEW Pure Essential Oils

Pure Lime 100% Essential Oil

9323 $8.00 5pts

Sharpen-Focus Essential Oil Blend

9411 $20.00 13pts

Lighten-Stress Essential Oil Blend

9335 $12.50 8pts

New Roll-On Bottles- Got a custom oil you love to apply? Have a diluted oil you want to keep ready? Roll-On bottles are the perfect solution. They are spill-proof, mess-proof and allow you to apply the ideal amount to your skin. Just roll on and massage in.

9957 $4.99 0pts. 6-pack

NEW Flavor

GC CONTROL now comes in the delicious flavor of Peach Cobbler.

NEW Alloy Sport Line

This line is best fit for the man who goes the distance, who's looking for a fragrance that can keep up with him: fresh, engaging, and active. Alloy Sport is created with an uncommonly energizing blend of bright citrus, bold greens, and sensuous cedarwood to kick start confidence and set off strength and style.
Check out the deodorant, antiperspirant, body wash, body spray, and the 2-in-1 Shamp-ditioner (also now available in the Alloy Classic line).

New Lip Gloss and Plump Lip Gloss

Our new Lip Gloss and Plump Lip Gloss formulas are better than ever with skin-nourishing and age-defying ingredients, plus deep moisturizers that leave your lips smooth and silky soft. Plus, we've increased our color offering to ensure every woman finds a shade she loves.

$15.00 9pts

Argan Oil Plus

This lightweight oil helps to strengthen and condition hair for gorgeous, easy-to-style locks. It protects against breakage, heat damage, harmful UV rays, and color fading. It is paraben-free and color safe.

Check out all the other new Sei Bella colors in eye shadows and nail polish colors.

Find out much more about these products and others, along with some great January Specials, online at

Home Conversion Packs and Value Packs

If you are within your first three months of enrollment, you are eligible to purchase a Value Pack and/or a Home Conversion Pack. Don't miss this great opportunity. The packs truly offer the most "bang for your buck" as you explore all Melaleuca has to offer.


It's going to be a great year! 2016 is upon us and Melaleuca is starting it off with a bang!!!

*$1 enrollments through January 20th

*Enroll 2 new customers- earn a Kindle Fire

*Enroll 4 new customers- earn an iPad Mini 2

*Enroll 10 new customers- earn a Apple iPad Pro

Even if you have never introduced someone to Melaleuca, January is the month to give it a try!! Earn some money and earn the hottest in 2016 technology. There is nothing better than that! Talk to me if you'd like more information.

Have a great month, friends!