Peak Experience!

Come to us to learn about Mt. Everest and etc!

About Peak Experience.

Peak Experience has some impacts on the economy both positive and negative. We give you a guide line on how to be prepared to climb and some reports by fellow reporters. Additionally, we tell you everything you need to know about Mt. Everest!


Even on it's warmest days, Everest has temperatures as low as -2 degree's. The summits temperature is about -33 degree's. To go in these temperatures you must put on special clothing. You could even get Frost Bite!

Getting Prepared!

To climb Mt. Everest you have to be prepared.( Basic Materials).

  1. Crampons- is metal spikes fixed in boots that is used for ice and climbing.
  2. Rope- used to grab while climbing
  3. Sherpa- a expert or someone that had lived on the mountain that is used to help climb and lead the way.
  4. Thermal Clothing- so you won't freeze to death or get frostbite.
  5. Gloves- used for climbing or to keep hands warm.

Holly Angelo's report on the expedition.

Reporter- Holly Angelo

Every step I took I was gasping for air, I always kept in mind of that each step I took the closer I was to the top of the world. The people that were on the expedition with me were Peak, Josh, Zopa, Sunjo, Yoshi, Yash, porters, and filmers. every step I took I felt like giving up. Then, I was thinking, the higher i go the more money I get. It's more for me because I already lost my therapist and my cook. I went to get my food from base camp, everyone silenced, I calmly said " I am making it to the top", everyone looked surprised. But I did not care.

-For Peak Experience.

A Biography On One Of Our Climbers- Peak.

Peak is a 14 year old climber that wants to climb the highest peak in the world before his 15th birthday. He is a passionate person with a family of 5 people that love him. He was a victim of climbing a skyscraper and being caught in New York. He was also responsible of a child's death. They say that Peak was an inspiration to the child. The child attempted and failed. That case had lead to this climb.

Another Biography- Sunjo

Sunjo is a half Tibetan and half Nepalese. He was climbing with forged papers. Zopa, Sunjo's grandfather, is a Sherpa. Peak and Sunjo are best friends accepting the challenge. Sunjo is only a 6 days older than Peak. Sunjo is an illegal Tibetan.