The Halloween Prank

By: Connor Anderson

There was one Halloween in the suburbs of Montana when three of the school's most known bullies where going to set up a prank on the most wimpy and shy student in the entire school. They already picked on this kid a lot because of how quiet and thought he didn't stand a chance. The three bullies decided that they were going to get the kid into the most scary house on the planet then pull their huge prank they were planning since the beginning of October.

What the bullies didn't know is that the kid was prepared. He knew about this because he was so quiet that when the bullies talked about it they didn't even notice him. The really shy kid, Robert, got together with some of his friends at his house, before the bullies started setting up their prank, to talk about what they were going to do tin order to stop them and scare them back. Robert and his friends thought and thought before coming up with their final plan. Robert decided that he needed a fog machine, a radio with a CD of soft scary music, invisible wire and wooden boards to make the entrance more thrilling.

On the night before Halloween the three bullies, Don, Jacob, and Tiffany, all went into the old house to put together their trap when Robert's was already in action. First, fog started to fall from the bridge in the entrance. Then the spooky music started playing so softly that they thought they were just imagining the whole thing. Soon all the objects started lifting off the ground. Then Jacob focused on the floating objects, processed it then screamed run! All of Robert's friends came running out laughing. They all considered this the BEST HALLOWEEN EVER!