Druid Hills High School

Red Devil Reflections 12/14

Reminder - Jeans Week begins 12/15 and COOKIE DAY is 12/15 during lunch!

Equal Opportunity Schools (AP) - Survey Final Reminder

Teachers: Don't forget to complete the Lead Higher Staff Survey by Friday afternoon (login is your e-number). Teachers who have not completed the survey will be required to report to the Media Center Tuesday during planning to complete it. Please note that there are two sections - a school climate survey and student recommendation survey. After completing the school climate survey, you may be directed to login a second time to complete the student recommendations portion. Here is some information regarding the importance of each section.

While the survey is one of the lengthier ones, it provides rich information that will be used to reduce gaps in student access to AP and IB courses. Thank you!

Substitute Reminders

Please remember not to request a particular substitute in AESOP if you have not communicated directly with the substitute. If you request the substitute in AESOP but the substitute is not available, you will not have coverage.

TKES Reminders

Teachers: The administrators are finishing formative observations over the next four days. Please don't forget to sign-off on your second observations. Don't forget that you need to click edit, indicate the observation date, hit save & exit, then hit accept. You will know it has been done if you see a green check on the summary page beside Observation #2. Thank you!

Cold Classrooms

Please email Mr. Roberts immediately if there are any remaining cold classes. Heat should have been restored to your class Monday afternoon.