Third Grade

News and Notes

Native American Museum

The Native American Museum was a huge success! The projects were so creative, and the children did an excellent job of reporting what they learned. Both first grades and second grades came to view the museum. Below are a few of the projects, but all of them can be seen on our website at

For the rest of the semester we will be focusing more on science, beginning with a unit on the solar system.

Keep Working on States and Capitals

Keep working on states and capitals! It is exciting to see the progress students are making. The goal is for all students to know where the states are by Christmas Break! We’re off to a good start. Several have mastered them and are working on memorizing capitals. Doing the test this way seems to be less stressful for the kids and they seem to like charting their progress.


We are in the midst of a geometry unit. Students have been using their knowledge of 2-dimensional shapes and measurement to find perimeter. We are now beginning to learn about finding area. While the focus is on the concept of area, student activities will provide them experiences that they will be able to build upon during fraction and multiplication units.

Christmas Concert

The LIW Christmas Concert is Thursday at 7:00. Mrs. Larsen sent one of the songs home last week to practice. Children should be in the commons at 6:45 (no earlier).

Thank you for those of you that helped get the 3rd Grade PTO Christmas tree and basket ready. The students made the ornaments for the tree. The trees will be auctioned after the concert.

Book Orders

I'm sending a book order home this week. Orders are due Thursday, Dec. 3 and should be here before Christmas.

Reading Plus

Reading Plus is a new reading program we have available to us this year. It is an excellent way for students to practice reading at an individualized level. I encourage you to have your child complete some of the lessons at home as well. If your child doesn't remember and has misplaced their log-in information, please let me know.

Last week our class See Reader average comprehension score was 82%! Great job, Class! Keep up the good work!

Snack Supply

Thank you for all the generous (and delicious) snack donations you have sent! The snack supply is now dwindling a bit. We should have enough for a week or so yet. If it works for your family to donate to our supply it is greatly appreciated! A box of cereal or crackers usually lasts at least 2 or 3 days, and other kinds of snacks work well too. I do like to stay away from sweets. Thank you in advance!


Midterms went home last week. Please sign and return the bottom portion of your child’s midterm. Do not hesitate to call or email any questions or concerns you have. If you would like to meet with me about your child’s progress, I would be glad to do that as well.

3rd Graders Sang at Ward's Store

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