Be the Center of Your Own Identify

"Its Getting Pretty PHISHY"

Its all in your hands!

PHISHING- When you get an email that is a fraud, trying to get you to reveal personal information. This information includes:

  1. Credit Card Number
  2. Adress
  3. Age/ Date of Birth
  4. Social Security

How to prevent PHISHING!

Identify theft can happen to anyone but it is under your control.

  1. Secure - Change your passwords frequently. Don't have the same password for everything! Be creative with your passwords, include number and capital letters. Don't make your passwords obvious. Stay away from phone number, initials, pets names, last name or date of birth.
  2. Update - Keep updated with your firewall! Get the latest addition, and don't let them expire.
  3. Attentive- Be careful when inputting personal information online, be on the look out for red flags. When you see pop ups on your computer with warnings do not ignore them.