ICT News

Greater Kengal Network of Small Schools

Issue 9 16th September 2013

The Greater Kengal ICT News will be published each fortnight. Please send contributions to gayle.pinn@det.nsw.edu.au by Sept 29. The flyer will also be uploaded to the Greater Kengal wiki.

Contributions can include recommendations for apps, webtools, websites, Notebook ideas and tricks, student work samples etc.


Pinterest is a vary easy way to find a collate ideas and sites on any topic.


What are your favourite educational sites to follow on Facebook?

I follow

-The Literacy Shed

Autism Discussion Page

Teacher Tube

Learning in Hand (Tony Vincent)

ICT with Mr P (check out his blog below)

The Whiteboard Blog

40 innovative ways to use Glogster Edu


An easy tool to use to present information. http://www.classtools.net/brainybox/61_j5BDPT

An interesting way to use Thinglink