Different kinds of Fronts and what they are.

Front Information

This smore is going to be on 4 different types of fronts. I will describe all the effects of all the fronts and how they happen. I will also explain what weather occurs.


Cold Front

A cold front is a front that brings cold air. The cold air mass pushes the warm air mass up which causes rain and storms. The cold air is more dense than the warm air and that is why it is able to push the warm air up. This process is usually fast.

Warm Front

A warm front is a front that brings warm air to an area. The warm air overlaps the cold air mass and it slowly pushes it back. This usually cause rain and storms like the cold front. This process take longer than the cold front because the warm air is not as dense.

Occluded Front

This front is one of the most complicated fronts in my opinion. Cold air comes in and pushes on cool air. With that happening warm air is forced up an that makes thunder storms. The reason that the warm air goes up is because the cool air and the cold air are more dense.

Stationary Front

A stationary front is a front that really nothing happens. A non-dense cold air mass runs into a warm air mass and they keep pushing on each other. Whenever they are pushing they stay in place and create huge clouds that cause thunderstorms. Usually one place will get a lot of rain because they are not moving
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Warm, Cold, Occluded, and Stationary Fronts