Kindy, Year 1 and 2 TOY DAY

Friday 6th November 2015, 9am - 3pm

TOY Day for our Science Unit - Toy World

Our focus is on playing with different toys, games and sporting equipment to investigate

how toys and play objects can be made to move.

We will use the toys to explore the concepts of still/moving, slow/fast and classify toys according to the way they move, eg roll, spin, slide, fly. Students will predict and test predictions with lots of hands on activities.

They will also classify according to commonalities, eg board games, balls, playground, indoor/outdoor etc. Identify characteristics, likes and dislikes, advantages, disadvantages.

Using a collection of balls and/or a variety of bats and racquets compare and contrast their shapes and the materials used to make them. Explore their uses, eg throwing, kicking. Relate their properties to their use, eg rolling, bouncing, stretching, soft, hard, long etc.

This day will allow students to develop their scientific knowledge and understanding in a fun educational way!

Kindy 2016

Our 2016 Kindy students are also invited to join in this fun for either a half day (9.00am - 11.30am) or full day (9.00am - 3.00pm).

Please RSVP so we can ensure we have all our staff available. We will meet in the library.