October 2018 - Welcome Fall

Admin Update

Tech Talk Tuesdays is a great blog written by Dr. Ruton, a documentary filmmaker and primary care physician. She shares her family's weekly topics to help you manage and decrease struggles around screen time. Below is an excerpt of her most recent blog. Check out the website; it is very informative.

"Your kid is at school...and something pops into your head that you want to tell your child—plans for dinner have changed, plans after school changed, the doctor appointment tomorrow is confirmed, you love them, etc. What do you do? Do you send the text right when the thought comes or hold off? " Please read the rest at Hold that Text

The Student Buzz

Approximately 40 students are taking I-Project, a class that centers on Project Based Learning. Students design and implement a project focused on a topic of importance to them. Some projects contribute to positive school culture, others help our local community by donating to charities chosen by CCMS students.

Please see the flyer below. Our students need your help.

Academic Proficiency Center - APC

We are offering the Academic Proficiency Center (APC) again this year for students that need additional instruction. The APC is also available for students to retake a major assessment if they score below 75. Listed below are the areas APC is offered and the teachers that staff the APC rooms. Please feel free to contact the APC teacher with any questions on how the program works. Students have access to a sign up in google classroom.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter to get a glimpse into your child's day. See all of the exciting things going on at CCMS. @CurtisCornerMS . Follow our district hashtag, #UmatteratSK, to see district happenings as well. Also, our school website is full of important information for families

#thecurtiscornerway Mrs. McNeiece

“One word may not change the world, but it can change the world for one person”.

Thank you to Ms. Murphy for helping to roll out the national Start with Hello initiative at CCMS, sponsored by Sandy Hook Promise. This program recognizes that there are “young people who suffer silently because they feel left out, alone or invisible.” Start with Hello helps to provide students with the skills they can use to create a climate and culture that includes and connects ALL students within the school and community. This year students will participate in several school-wide community building events and activities in smaller groups during Advisory to build relationships and foster a positive and inclusive school environment.

School Counselor Corner - Ms. Fontaine

I have had the pleasure of meeting many students and their parents at team meetings, and Open Houses. Our students have all participated in a survey about their school connections, and we are currently compiling the data to plan for some new activities to bridge connections between students and peers, and students and adults.

I have also connected with many students about their grades, and middle school social concerns, as they get more familiar with their new school, and teams at CCMS. Please remind your children that I am available if they would like to meet with me.

Students will begin the ILP (Individual Learning Process) this coming month with a new web-based ILP system, Naviance. Topics covered will include goal setting, completing learning styles surveys, exploring career clusters and reflecting on these activities.

CCMS in Action

Mr. P's Prevention Corner

Although teen rates of tobacco use have shown a decline, vaping and e-cigarette use have continued to rise dramatically. Vaping (inhaling) nicotine, "just flavoring" or marijuana concentrates remain most prevalent with 7th to 12th graders. Get the facts at Mr. Patrone's corner:

Teen Vaping – What Parents Need to Know

With the recent Monitoring the Future Study release indicating that nearly one in three 12th graders reported using a vaping device in the past year, it’s imperative that parents are informed of the potential dangers that can result from vaping.

What is Vaping?

Vaping is the act of inhaling and exhaling the aerosol, often referred to as vapor, produced by an e-cigarette or similar device. (Teens refer to it as "JUULing") It’s become more popular among teens than regular cigarettes, especially given that vaping devices can be used for anything from flavors like mango, mint or tutti frutti, to flavorings containing nicotine or THC, the chemical compound in marijuana that produces the high.

What are the Risks?

There are several risks to vaping for teens. Below are three major ones for parents to be concerned about:

1. Vaping is often marketed to kids, downplaying the dangers.

With lots of flavors available for vaping liquids, as well as the variety of colors and devices available that charge just like cell phones, it’s clear that vaping products are often marketed to teens. One of the slang terms for vaping, known as JUULing (“jeweling”), comes from the JUUL brand device that looks more like a flash drive as opposed to an e-cigarette. Vaping is also often sold as a “safer” alternative to cigarettes, and some teens are under the false assumption that because e-cigarettes don’t contain tobacco they’re safe.

2. Vaping chemicals used in the liquids can be more concentrated and dangerous.

Inhaling from a vape pen or e-cigarette, especially in the case of one containing nicotine or THC, can enhance a drug user’s high and can amplify a drug’s side effects. Vaping is also very new and there are literally hundreds of brands, so there’s not a lot of firm information about what chemicals might be in what vape liquids. But even beyond nicotine and THC, synthetic chemicals that make up these liquids – including “herbal incense” like spice and synthetic marijuanaexpose the lungs to a variety of chemicals, which could include carcinogens and toxic metal nanoparticles from the device itself. Not only could these chemicals make their way into young lungs, causing irritation and potentially “smoker’s cough,” but they could also damage the inside of the mouth and create sores.

3. Vaping may make the transition to cigarette smoking easier in adolescence.

In a meta analysis of six studies, the findings concluded that the risk of smoking increases four times if a teen vapes versus a teen that does not. In another study of more than 2,000 10th graders, researchers found that one in five teens who reported a regular vaping habit at the start of the study smoked traditional cigarettes at least three times a month by the end of the study period. Another 12% of routine vapers smoked at least one day a month. By comparison, less than 1% of students who didn’t try vaping reported smoking even one day a month at the end of the study.

What Can Parents Do?

Make it clear to your son or daughter that you don’t approve of them vaping or using e-cigarettes, no matter what.

If you think your son or daughter is vaping, take a deep breath and set yourself up for success by creating a safe, open and comfortable space to start talking with your son or daughter. As angry or frustrated as you feel, keep reminding yourself to speak and listen from a place of love, support and concern. Explain to them that young people who use THC or nicotine products in any form, including e-cigarettes or vaporizers, are uniquely at risk for long-lasting effects. Because these substances affect the development of the brain’s reward system, continued use can lead to addiction (the likelihood of addiction increases considerably for those who start young), as well as other health problems.

You want your child to be as healthy as possible. Find out why vaping might be attractive to your son or daughter, and work with him or her to replace it with a healthier behavior.

Mr. Patrone will be speaking at the November 8th PTO Meeting: Vaping and Risk Behavior in Middle School

Updates From The Dean

As the First Quarter comes to an end, I wanted to take this opportunity to remind parents and students of a few important items.

  • All discipline referrals, detentions, suspensions, etc are now solely done through Skyward. Parents can access their son or daughter(s) discipline reports by clicking on “discipline” in the parent portal. If you see a “0” next to the “Discipline” tab on your child’s account, this means they have not had any infractions at all this year.
  • Tardiness, both arriving at school and class is becoming an issue for some students. Per school department policy, students receiving a 5th unexcused tardy to school will be issued an after-school detention. Any tardy after 5 will continue to result in after-school detention and possible recommendation for Truancy Court. Students passing to class in between periods will also abide by the same rules. Any student late to class without a pass will be marked tardy. Any tardy from 5 on, will result in an after school detention.
  • As a reminder to students and parents; hoods are not permitted inside the building. Also, backpacks are not permitted in the hallways and must remain inside the student’s locker until the end of the day.

Finally, as parents, teachers, administrators, coaches, and guardians, we have a unique opportunity to set the tone for our students as they continue to learn and grow. Middle school is a difficult time period for many students as they try to figure out where they fit in. If we can keep our expectations clear, our students have a better chance of success each day.

Important Dates to Remember

  • October 22 - Washington DC parent information meeting
  • October 24 - Flu Clinic at CCMS 4 - 6:30 pm
  • October 25th - First National Junior Honor Society meeting after school for students
  • October 29 - Picture Day
  • October 29 - Family Pumpkin Carving Night 5:30 - 7:30
  • October 29 - Washington DC parent information meeting
  • October 30 - SK CARES Pumpkin Carving
  • November 6 - No School - Election Day


At Curtis Corner Middle School it is important to us to keep our families aware of all the great things happening at our school. In an effort to do this, we utilize multiple communication methods.

  • WEBSITE - The middle school website is the primary tool for all communication. Our website is updated almost daily with all school announcements. It also contains upcoming events, important dates, documents, links to teacher emails, and team information. There is also a guidance page that includes important information from our guidance department. This page is updated weekly. Teams have pages with information on team events, homework and team communications.
  • GOOGLE CLASSROOM - All CCMS teachers have established an individual Google Classroom containing important information for their classes.
  • SKYWARD - Parents are able to access the Skyward parent portal for updates on their child's academic progress. To access the parent portal from the CCMS webpage, click on the parent tab at the top of the page. For your username and password please contact the school secretary.
  • TWITTER - Curtis Corner uses Twitter to promote the wonderful things happening in our school. Follow us at @CurtisCornerMS You may also want to follow @terryt9lynch, @kristenstring Many of our teachers have a Twitter account to highlight the great instruction and activities happening.
  • NEWSLETTER - A goal this year will be to have a Principal's Newsletter distributed at least quarterly highlighting school and student achievement. If you have any suggestions that are worthy of recognition, please email me at If possible, please include a photograph.
  • SKYLERT - Our school utilizes automated phone and email messages. Please make sure you have accurate phone numbers and email addresses in Skyward in order to receive this information. To change this information in Skyward you can contact Mrs. Gleason at or Mrs. Skokowski at