The Nasty Surprise

By Gabe Arguello

The Battle at Bunker Hill

Who was there?

The British soldiers, the minute men, General How, and the colonist were all part of the war to freedom.

When did it take place?

The battle took place on June 16, 1775 at a British camp.

Where did this take place?

It was actually taken place on Breeds Hill. Then they ran to Bunker Hill.

What happened?

•At least 226 soldiers were dead and a and at least 826 were wounded. The colonists had at least half as many.

•The British wanted to take over the Boston Harbor.

•When the British woke up, they found a six foot wall in the middle of the hill.

The Battle at Bunker Hill

Friday, June 16th 1775 at 12am

Bunker Hill, WV, United States

Bunker Hill, WV

The place where the crime was.
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