April 2018

Subpoenas Subpoenas Subpoenas

The Administrative Services office has received more subpoenas for student records and staff than in any other year since this office has handled these requests. More often than not, lawyers believe that having a teacher on the stand sways judge and jury opinions based on their testimony.

When someone in the district is subpoenaed, we work with the law offices to inform them that staff will state facts based on educational records submitted to the court. In many cases, a student record with a notarized business records affidavit is accepted in lieu of a school employee being present.

Important, if a staff member or records are subpoenaed from your school site or department, please send a copy of the subpoena (scanned or faxed) to Ann White ( or 417 523-0195). She will quickly assist in next steps.

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Transfers and 4th Quarter Questions

Our office has had several calls about transfer requests and 4th quarter. Here are some refreshers for the inquiring minds.

Can an 2017-2018 Immediate Transfer Request be accepted during 4th Quarter?

Answer: Current year Immediate Transfer requests will not be accepted during the 4th quarter.

What if a student moves to a different SPS R-12 attendance area during 4th quarter?

Answer: If a student moves out of their current school attendance area but still lives within the SPS District. They can opt to stay at their current school for the remainder of that year. There is a 4th quarter code for eSchool to override the address change. The subsequent year will require a transfer request and principal approval to remain at the transfer requested school.

If a student on transfer to the current school moves within the SPS District, all they need to do is provide updates and proof of residency to remain on transfer at their current school.

What if a transfer student violates the transfer policy enough to receive a 4th quarter revocation letter?

Answer: If the student violates the transfer policy enough to receive the final revocation letter during 4th quarter, the student will stay at the school until the end of the year. The revocation letter will state they will attend their home school for the next year. Be sure the student receives the letter well in advance of the last day of school. A courtesy phone call home helps, too. Nothing makes a parent madder than receiving a revocation letter during the summer. Please make plans to avoid this at all costs.

What about a student whose family moves outside the SPS R-12 District?

Answer: If a student moves out of the Springfield R-12 Public School District BEFORE the last 3 weeks of school, the student is not allowed to remain enrolled.

If a student moves out of the Springfield R-12 Public School District within the last 3 weeks of school, the student is allowed to stay at their current SPS school for the remainder of the current school year. Currently, the week of May 1, 2018 marks three weeks prior to the end of the 2017-2018 school year.


Spring has arrived! Field Trips, Musical Festivals and Contests, and Reward Trips abound. This time of year we see an increase in the volume of volunteer applications which in part is due to a need for chaperones for field trips. Volunteers are needed to assist classes or groups travel whether that be long distances or just day trips. Site Volunteer Coordinators are bombarded with questions about whether or not a parent has an approved background check and can attend a field trip with their child. There is nothing in the world sadder for a potential chaperone to be told they needed a new background check or their background check has not returned. The bottom line: they cannot accompany the class and/or their child on the trip or excursion.

There is a solution to this!!!

Site Volunteer Coordinators can inform all staff who desire chaperones/parents to attend trips about how to volunteer at their school. The potential volunteer needs to be given 2-3 weeks to accomplish the steps required to be a volunteer. The part that takes the longest is the time for the background check which all field trip volunteers need.

Becoming a volunteer is easy!

1. Complete a volunteer application. All volunteers must have one on file with the school at which they wish to volunteer.

2. If the volunteer needs a new or updated background check, they will recieve an email with a link to begin the background check process. There is no cost for the volunteer to have a background check, and information regarding the status of the background check takes 3-5 business days to return.


All Site Volunteer Coordinators and/or principals should explain to their staff that they should communicate to their parents/stakeholders at least 2-3 weeks prior to the trip to allow time for the individual to complete the volunteer application and finalize the background check.

Help us, help you have a positive experience with all field trips and engage volunteers wanting to assist in these events.


National Volunteer Week is April 15-22, 2018 to celebrate volunteers and the services they provide to schools and communities. Site Volunteer Coordinators will be receiving an email that shows the volunteers total hours as of April 6, 2018.

A total of 14057 volunteer hours have been logged since July 1, 2017. That is in excess of 2000 hours over the same time last year. Thank you for encouraging your volunteers to log their hours of service.

Volunteers from the Council of Churches RSVP Reading Buddy Program do not log their hours into our system because of already logging them into the RSVP logging system. So as not to ask them to double duty this task, RSVP sends these people's hours by building twice a year. Please note their hours will be credited to the appropriate building where they serve.

Building hours are listed in the chart below

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