John Thurman - The Vacuum Cleaner

It Saved the World one Heck of a Mess

The Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum, as we all know, is a machine that uses suction to dig out and eliminate dirt, dust, and every candy wrapper imaginable. However, the machine considered the first motorized vacuum actually was not a vacuum by that definition.

The Man with a Plan

The first floor-cleaning invention by John Thurman was a horse-drawn system that he took door to door in St. Louis. In 1903, the $4 price of his services was actually quite expensive. But, people paid to have him come clean their floors anyway. Talk about a cleaning craze.

When it was Invented


Where it was Invented

St. Louis

Why it was Invented

To clean out our homes and rid it of all the dust, dirt, and bugs our shoes have to offer.