Smart Goals

By: Jamar Campbell

Academic Goal

S - I will like to achieve a 78% by the end of grade 12

M - I will do this by tracking my progress throughout my senior years by seeing my mark updates.

A - I will achieve this goal by doing well on all test and assignments by asking for help when needed to and studying my notes.

R - This grade average is important to push up to bring me into certain colleges, I would like to bring it up from a 75% average to 78% average.

T- By the end of semester 2 in my grade 11 year I would want to have at-least a 76%/77% average.

Volunteering Goal

S - I will like to achieve my 40 hours of community service before the start of grade 11.

M - I will like to track my progress by making sure I going to all remaining boys clubs, after school program which will boost up my hours closer to 40 hours.

A - I will achieve this goal by being present every Tuesday after school in boys club.

R - This volunteering goal is important because I need it in order to graduate.

T - I will like to finish this goal by this upcoming summer.