6 More Days of S&D Shipping

December 12, 2018

Hey Team!

Let's end the holiday season with a bang! There's still time to throw in a last min. pop up (people will thank you for making it fun, easy, & festive for them) AND there are loads of ways to sell virtually and with personal shopping appointments in your home.

Big picture

Here are some ideas to increase your orders and commissions:

  • Double Dip open house Dec - even if you did one in November, do one in Dec before the Shipping cut off for all those last minute shoppers!
  • Dot Dollar Redemption Style Sessions!! For all those customers or hostesses who shopped with you in November that earned Dot dollars, open up a Dot dollar redemption show with them during redemption period so their friends can redeem (Dec 27-Jan 3)
  • Dec theme ideas for your hostesses - Holiday Mingle & Jingle, Christmas Cookie Exchange, Shop for the Holidays, Shop for a Cause/Fundraisers donate proceeds to local shelters/foodbanks etc
  • Double Dip open house in Jan - book a date to hold an open house with the new Spring collection that launches in Jan
  • For those who don't have time to book in Dec but would LOVE free goodies from our new Spring Collection, get them on the calendar for Jan! People's schedules are much more open and often people are looking for things to do in the dead of winter. 90 mins new style at the kitchen table over coffee or cocktails is such a fun thing to look forward to!

Ideas to help you sell virtually or through 1:1 as Holiday Helper

If you don't know about SHARE-A-BAG, log into the lounge and watch this quick tutorial--GAME CHANGER for your virtual business!

Reach out to your Style Club Members


They may have credit to use AND they could still earn Dot Dollars too!

Such an easy no brainer! If you know what their wishlist is or who they may still need to buy for, start an order for them and send their share-a-bag link.


ROCK the 30% off SALE PRICES by emailing your contacts and sharing pics of you wearing some of the pieces on Social Media

Guests were going crazy over the sale prices last night at my show.

Again, SHARE-A-BAG is your friend! :)

REACH OUT TO THE GUYS ~ They'd LOVE your help

Send a bag to the BIRTHDAY GIRLS!

Filter your contacts to find the December Birthdays.

Add in $40+ to their bag and their free necklace while also telling them about the HUGE SALE so they can check off gifts with ease and get their own gift(s) too!


Filter your contacts by Wishlists.

Also if you know of past Dot Dollar earners, reach out to them to let them know of the extension.

Add their items in the bag and include a few of the SSEOs or sale items you think they'd like.

Share-a-Bag (SEE THE THEME HERE? :)


If you're not yet a member of our S&D Crushing It Community Page on Facebook, ask to join here: It's a fantastic page you'll want to check on a regular basis for great tips, ideas, prizes, community, recognition and more.

Yes, I’m still working the sale, being a holiday helper, sending carts and asking customers if they need help with holiday shopping - but I’m also preparing for the new year. I LOVE a new, fresh year. New possibilities. New attitude. New opportunity. A new LINE!!!!! Something about it all feels so refreshing.


Danielle Redner gives some amazing tips for setting up your 2019 with a full style Session calendar in January! I’m following her tips TODAY and working to book 4️⃣ Debut Hostesses in January! I have my calendar out and I’m ready to roll. Nothing feels better than having a head start.

Who wants to do this with me?! Let’s work together today / share words to say / overcome objections / celebrate successes!! How many are you working to book on January?! Would love to hear. Post on our 1st Impressions Team Page so we can support and celebrate each other!


Plant Seeds about our Stylist Opportunity

I'm reaching out to my potential stylists via email AND phone calls to share the current line and plant the seed that I still think she would be a great stylist (for whatever genuine reason).

With our Quickstart/Jumpstart Extension, NOW is a fantastic time to jump on this exciting train! They'll get until the end of January for their Quickstart and until the end of February for their Jumpstart. This allows them time to enjoy their new jewels, share news of their new business with family and friends over the holidays, AND start fresh on Jan. 1 --like they signed up that day but meanwhile they've had time to sift through the lounge and book their Jan now :)

I'm excited to help people kick off 2019 with a fun way to bring money in the door so that will be a big focus of mine.

By taking the time NOW to plant the seed, if she's not yet ready to sign up in December, then my next reach out in January won't be coming out of left field and she may then be ready to MAKE money after having spent it at the holidays :)

EVERY ORDER COUNTS! Let's bring home the BACON!



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