Thomas Alva Edison

the Wizard of Menlo Park

Personal Information

West Orange, New Jersey, United State

Born February 11, 1847

Hard Worker

High Spirit


Open to new ideas of all sorts


Job Objective

  • Inventor
  • Engineer

Profesional Experience, Employment, Job Description

I've had many jobs. Starting when I was twelve years old, I worked on a train selling candy. I gradually worked up to publishing and selling my very own newspaper. To help with that, I hired my own employees. I was a telegrapher for several years. I formed a small business in Boston, Massachusetts to produce an improved stock ticker I invented. I also took a job at the Gold Indicator Company in New York. I set up my own research laboratory solely dedicated to creating inventions. I've worked at the General Electric Company. I've had a job at a kinetoscope parlor. Most importantly, I've been creating new inventions for a long time.


I'm very proud of inventing more than one thousand inventions. The biggest of those are the telegraph, incandescent lamp, and the kinetograph. I've also have had many of my own facilities including a factory solely dedicated to the creation of new inventions. I've received a plethora of awards. I held a world record for most inventions.

Educational Background

My mom schooled me for four years. This is what really developed my love for science and shaped me to what I am today.


Alexander Graham Bell

I made improvements by including a carbon button microphone, which enhanced the sound quality on his invention of the telephone.

Henry Ford

Credited me with encouraging his early work on automobiles.

List of Awards

  • Albert Medal of the British Society of Arts
  • John Fritz Medal of the American Engineering Societies
  • Rumford Medal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
  • Special gold medal awarded by the U.S. Congress