Command Economy

Where equality is priority

Benefits of command economy

Life's greatest question could be: what do I want to do for the rest of my life? Well, in the command economy you don't have to make that tough decision. The government makes it for you!

Tired of people showing off their money on Instagram or Facebook? With command economy you'll get the same amount of money as everybody (except for a lot of people)!

Don't want to put your whole effort? Command economy can help you with that. This economy not only gives you the same amount of money as the person next to you, but if don't put your best effort, that's okay, you'll get the same amount anyways!

Details on Command Economy

ALL decision are made by the government which are what to produce, how to produce it and who to produce it to. They do this for the purpose of promoting social goals and for the good of society. Most of the time when a country is a command economy, there is a one or few people with a large amount of power
Command Economy


"Why do you want the government to have control over everything?" Then you don't have to have make hard decisions by yourself.

"It doesn't allow for individuality" Equality IS priority.

"It's very hard to organize" That's your problem.


We know that you hate your job. So why give it your best. Command economy makes sure that the person you hate gets the same amount of money as you do, but if you hate the government, try to like them because they "might" get more than what you make.

Equality is quality.