By Ethan Gray

Description and Cause of Cyclospora

Cyclospora is an intestinal disease caused by a microscopic organism called cyclospora cayetanensis. people can become infected by consuming food or water contaminated with the organism. People who lives or travels where cyclospora is endemic is at a higher risk of contracting it.

Symptoms of Cyclospora

Infected people shed unsporulated Cyclospora cayetanensis in their stool. Immature oocysts usually require at least 1 week under favorable laboratory conditions to sporulate. You have to request specific testing for this illness. It is diagnosed by examining stool. The diagnosis is difficult because not everyone will not shed enough.

Treatments for Cyclospora

Bactrim, Cotra, and Septra is the usual therapy for the infection. There is no other highly effective antibiotic. Most people who have a healthy immune system will completely recover without treatments. The illness lasts a few days to a month. Symptoms may go away for a few days then come back. Anti-Diarrheal medicine helps to stop Diarrhea. people who have weak immune systems are more prolonged to have the illness for longer.