The Constitutional Convention

By:Deysi Santillo

The Constitutional Convention

It took place in Philadelphia on May 14, 1787.The reason for call this convention was to address the problems of the weak central government that existed . It ended up emerging The constitution.
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The Beginning

The Articles of Confederation also known as AOC was America's first form of government.It started weak and was unable to protect the individual liberties.

The Constitution

The Constitution was based on that the people. That it would be free and independent. They wanted to make sure that the government of the United States would protect the people from tyranny. They people always had a say in things, their opinion mattered to them. Next came the problem to get it ratified.

Bills of rights

Like always the delegates didn't agree. Some would not approve the Constitution until it included the bill of rights . Which was a set of individual rights of every citizen. At the end the Convention promised a bill of rights that would be attached to the final version.

Powers of the federal government & 3 Branches

Once the Constitution was ratified the powers of the federal government was divided between the federal government and all 50 states.The 3 branches furthermore divided the power of the federal government with the branches. They were the Executive, Legislative, & Judicial Branches.

Checks and Balances

Following the 3 branches , they created the checks and balances.Which was an insight in the U.S. Constitution that would prevent any branch of the U.S. government from stepping over the other two branches.


The first 10 amendments were the bill of rights .The amendments had made changes to the original constitution .Their are currently 27 amendments that been ratified.