Whats orange and has black stripes and also have sharp scary teeth and also lives in a jungle?A tiger.One of the adaptions that the tigers have is sharp teeth. Adaptations are a skill that you need to survive. Like hunting. Tigers can camouflage there stripes help them blind in with sticks and twigs and they use this adaption hunt.


Instincts a instinct is a skill they already know.One of the instinct a tiger is protecting its self or its family or food.Why they protect?They protect there self and other things because they live in a place with hollow trees and caves some animals might hurt tigers hunt tigers or steal something from the tigers. Thats why they protect them and there family

tigers pray prediters

tigers hunt for wild pigs deer, and other small animals like monkeys and snakes. whats there predators?there predators are crockidiles pythons and lepords when they hunt for food they fight for it thats why they have predators