Create Your Own Website!

Stage 3 Technology Task Term 3 2014

Task Description

As part of your COGs unit on Symbol Systems, you will be examining how symbols and logos are used by businesses to represent companies. Your job is to create a fictional company and logo for a product or service. It can be anything! A brand new invention, a service to help others or anything else that you can think of

What are the restrictions?

There are none. You have complete creative control over your product. Obviously it can't be rude, mean or violent but other than that it is up to you. Mr Duker's idea was an 'All Season Scarf' that has special gel inside of it. You can place it in the freezer in summer to cool you down or heat up in the microwave to warm you up in winter.

To Begin - Plan your product

What things do you need to consider when planning your product?

How much will it cost? How will people purchase it? What do people need to know about it?

Why create a website?

A website is a great way to advertise a product or service. It also allows you to give people information about it, purchase it online or explain why it is is beneficial. You need to think about other things might you find on a website and plan all of your ideas before you get to work on your own website in the library.

So Get Started!

Come up with a great idea and plan as much as you can. This will mean that you have more computer time in the library to create your website using the website weebly.