All about Paige

Things that are important to me

My favorite sports are....

One of my favorite sports are swimming because I love the water and I love swimming and I swim all the time. My other favorite sport is track because I like running and I run pretty fast. And my favorite sport ever Is volleyball because I LOVE it and I am now playing for impact and I do a lot of volleyball club

I love music!

I love music I just started playing the saxophone and I'm loving it and I used to play the piano I also love love love singing. I also stared a band with some of my friends but we didn't do it for very long but it was still fun!

I love hanging out with my friends

My family

I have one mom one dad and a brother and one dog. My dogs name is Lucy she's the cutest thing ever my brothers is named jack he can be really mean and annoying but he can also be really nice to me. My moms name is Tina and she's the caring one and my dad Scott is the funny one!

My dream jobs...

My dream jobs are a teacher, a singer, a actress and a nurse mostly an actress because I like making money and acting but I'd like to be a nurse because I like helping people and I'd like to be a teacher because again I like helping people and because I like teaching and I'd like to be a singer because I love singing and I sing pretty much everyday!