Steps for Division

How You Divide Whole and Decimal Numbers

The steps for division

1. Write the problem for this it the example will be 1,047 divided by 36

2.Estimate the 2nd 36 (dividend) then estimate the 1,047 (whole or divisor) with "friendly" number

3. Draw a division house and put 1,047 (whole or divisor) inside the house and the 36 (dividend) outside the house

4. See if your 36 could go into your 1,047 if not move over on place value to the right

5. Continue step 4 until 36 can go into 1,047

6. Once 36 can go into your 1,047 multiply 36 to a couple of numbers that aren't too low or too high

7. 36 goes into 104 in 1,047, 36 can go into 104 2 times and that is 2x36=72 because 36x3=108 and that is too high

8. Put your 2 over the 4 on top of the house

9. Then you subtract 72 from 104 and get 31

10. Since you got 31 you change it to 317

11. Continue these steps until you get lower than 36 then put a ¨r¨ for remainder and put the number you ended with over the space after your 7 on the house

Bonus If you don want a remainder put a decimal point after the 7 and after the number you have so far on the house and add a ¨0¨ after the decimal point after the 7

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