Magento Advanced Filters

Navigation made easy for achieving better online sales

Simplifying product filtering process for healthy Ecommerce conversions

Better filtering options and easy navigation is a necessity to help customers have a smooth shopping experience and improve conversion rates.

What Advanced Filters does best in simplifying navigation?

Advanced magento filters provides a list of filtering options which are based on the attributes of products which makes filtering easy if customers are more specific about any particular attribute kike price, size, color capacity etc.

The filter options are placed in a layered navigation structure which helps shoppers to know the hierarchy of product attributes and easily carry out the filtering process. These filters are displayed both in the category page and product pages as well.

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New Arrivals’ and ‘Popular Products’ filters are special options for finding the lately arrived products and frequently bought items of an ecommerce store. Any number of filters can be selected by a user to find a product. In order to keep the user informed on his filter selections made, the ‘Currently Shopping by’ section shows the flow of filters selected from the first to last.

If a user is specific in knowing user’s feedback before buying a product the ‘Customer Review’ filter can be used. This filter lists the results based on the ratings given by the users. Products, based on the number of star ratings are listed in ascending order.

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For price attribute, filtering can be done using a range slider. As the Layered navigation filter extension is programmed using AJAX, the filter results are provided without loading the whole page. Administrators can set the date from which the products should be shown as new in the ‘From Date’ option available in ‘New Arrivals’ filter.

Moreover, administrators have the facility to completely turn off the AJAX and the product filter module as well.

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