City of Ashes by: Cassandra Clare

by: Ivey Irwin

Review by Ivey Irwin

In book two, The City of Ashes written by a creative author Cassandra Clare, you will re-meet the relate-able characters Clary, Jace, Simon, and Valentine. The story continues in New York with Valentine gone missing with the Mortal Cup while Clary is left to deal with the fact that her mother is in a magical coma and her father is the evil Valentine who plans to over power the Clave, which is like our government in the mundane world. She also has to deal with her new brother that was once the love of her life, Jace, who happens to be in jail located at Bone City which is run by the Silent Brothers. The author Cassandra Clare gives us this incredible twist in this book series that ends up breaking the fans' ideal couple. She has to team up with her Shadow Hunting friends to free Jace and stop Valentine.

To me, I believe that Jace is one of my favorite characters in this exciting book. In ways I can relate to him and how he handles things. He deals with finding out that his father is Valentine, an evil man who nobody can trust, and that his only love happens to be his sister. Because the Clave cannot take any chances they completely do not trust Jace and try to take him out of the Shadow Hunter world and make him a Mundane. He reacts to all this by shutting Clary out and trying to do what he can to prove that he is not working for Valentine. He also tries to remain strong and tough through it all. I can relate because I tend to shut people out and i am a calm person who tends to stay strong even for those who are not. I never had the hots for my brother or had to prove something to save my life but when I read the book and see what Jace has to deal with I do feel what he feels and understand why he does the things he does.

I loved the book. It can change the way you see things and how you feel. My favorite part is when Clary finds out that she can make runes, which are magical drawings on the skin that give you an ability but eventually wear off. I just love the way the author describes the way Clary does it. Clary will think of what the rune needs to do and will close her eyes and thinks deeply of that rune. She sees the way the rune needs to curve or needs to be sharp or how she can remember a moment in time that reminds her of that rune's ability. As someone who loves art and drawing, I loved that scene. If i had a chance to change something I would probably change a scene between Jace and the Inquisitor on Valentine's ship. She saw a scar on Jace that made her surprised and ask questions of how and when he got it, which opens the door to a lot of possibilities but quickly shuts when the Author decides that the Inquisitor suddenly dies giving us only this line . But not to worry because i'm sure this questionable scar will reappear in an upcoming scene.

This is an incredible book that you could not possibly pass up. I highly recommend that you go find this book or the first book, City of Bones, if you have not already read it. If you have seen the movie well that simply is not enough, trust me. These books will always be better than the movies they make. If you are into action, comedy, romance, thriller, and magical things than this is your book. It is not just a girls' or guys' book, it is for everyone. It has a little bit of everything in it to grab your attention. So don't worry guys it's not a Nicholas Sparks book. You have not lived until you have read this book.