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March 10, 2014

Greetings from Room 115!

The Sock Hop provided for a lot of fun this past Friday


**ISTEP is this week. Please make sure to get a good night's rest and eat a good breakfast! Remember to bring a healthy snack if you want one.

**Friday Spirit Day: Wear Green- Responsibility Day!

**Wanted: More mystery readers! Call the family or anyone who would want to come and read or share a fun skill with our class! The students love when we have visitors. Thank you to those of you who have already been to visit us too!

Related Arts:

Monday: Music

Tuesday: Art

Wednesday: Computer

Thursday: P.E.

Friday: Music

**Library is every Thursday at 11:20.

What are we up to in room 115?


With ISTEP, this week will be a lot of review of the concepts we have already learned. We will be working on fractions and practicing adding and subtracting them.


This week we will be starting new book clubs. The students made their choices on Friday and will be planning out their book clubs. They have all chosen books that are in the adventure genre. Our activities with these books will be done completely in the classroom this week because of ISTEP testing.


We will continue our work with the Indiana project this week. Students will be completing their final presentations within the next 2 weeks, as well as writing about the attraction that they have included in their group project. We are tentatively looking at March 27th as a day for students to present their projects to peers and family.

We hope Twinkie & Cuddles had fun with Ben & Emily this weekend!

Social Studies

We will be transitioning back into Social Studies this week. We will begin in Unit 4 with the Civil War.

Katelyn Nussbaum

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