Mesopotamia Cyber Quest

Social Studies


Mesopotamia is located in Southwest Asia. The two main rivers are the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in Greek. The climate was cool and warm depending on the season, they also had moderate rainfall. If you look on the map today, you will see that Iraq is located where Mesopotamia use to be. The distance between Elm City and Iraq is approximately 6,400 miles.


Early civilizations first developed in Mesopotamia over six thousand years ago. Some of the first cities were established, a writing system was developed, empires were created and monumental buildings were constructed. As each new group of people moved into the region, or took control of the government, they adopted some of the culture, traditions and beliefs of the people who had come before them. Therefore, certain aspects of civilization in Mesopotamia remained the same, and some changed over time.

The requirements of civilization

1. Urban revolution

2. New Political and Military Structures

3. Social Structure based on economic power

4. The development of complex technology

5. Development of Writing

6. Distinct religious structure

7. New forms of artistic and cultural activity