Black Death

What is the Black Death?

The black death was a deadly plague that swept through Europe and killed many people.

What are symptoms of the disease?

Day 1: Painful buboes.

Day 2: Vomiting & fever.

Day 3: Bleeding under skin.

Day 4: Spasms and terrible pain.

Day 5: Black liquid would come out of the buboes.

(Most people infected with the Black Death would die within the fourth day.)

Where did it start and spread?

The Black Death started in Asia, spread to the Middle East, then to Europe.

How did it affect towns and villages?

The towns and villages didn't know about being clean and spreading germs so many people would be around people with it and the get the plague. It killed almost everyone in lots of villages.

How were people with the plague ''treated"?

People with the Black Death didn't know about the medicine we know about now so they had some weird theories about what may help cure the plague...

1.Blood letting.

2.Cutting open the buboes and drawing out the black liquid.

3. Whipping themselves because they thought it was a punishment form God.

4.Killing cats.

5. Not bathing and eating meat.

How many people died due to the Black Death?

The Plague killed millions of people around the world!

What affect did the plague have on Europe as a whole?

Europe lost about a third of its population. Manor system fell apart completly. Not enough people to work in the fields and the serfs could demand wages for their labor.