How to Build a Fire

For Dummies

What wood you need

  • Tinder (small twigs, dry leaves or grass, dry needles)
  • Kindling (sticks smaller than 1 inch)
  • Fuel (larger pieces of wood)
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How to build a fire with one match

  1. Find a suitable fire area
  2. Find nice tender
  3. Do NOT use paper matches, use wooden ones
  4. Light the match and hold it firmly
  5. Light the tinder in all four corners
  6. If it doesn't burst into flames, blow into the base into the base of the flyer slowly
  7. Put bigger and bigger sticks until there is little to no smoke
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How to build a fire with no matches (using a magnifying glass)

  1. Build a tinder nest out of dry material
  2. Tilt the lens toward until there is a small circle of light on the tinder nest
  3. Hold the lens in place until the tinder begins to smoke and a flame appears
  4. Begin to add larger pieces of wood
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