We're Going on a Trip!

Get Your Rocket Ship!

Want to go into space?

Les Jazz Hots are leaving Earth for the rest of the solar system on Friday, May 1st. We will be traveling to all eight planets plus a possible stop at Pluto. We have a lot of questions to answer and decisions to make before we leave.

How can we make a successful and enjoyable trip to the rest of the solar system and how can we communicate to others what we experienced?

What supplies do we need?

How long will it take?

How far will we travel?

What will we see?

How will the different environments affect us?

What kind of animals could inhabit them?

Presentation Methods

You may:

  • create a website
  • write a blog
  • make a diorama
  • create a video
  • write a travel diary

You may not make a poster.