By Robb White

Edson Moraes

Ted Nugent - Stranglehold by Edson Moraes

Author Summary

Robb White III ( June 20th 1909 - November 24th 1990 ) was a writer of screenplays, television scripts, and adventure novels. White was popular for juvenile fiction and famous for writing books with an ocean setting.


  • Ben- currently studying to become a geologist, Ben lives in an isolated desert town and guides hunting trips for college money.
  • Madec- a successful Los Angeles lawyer and hunter, obtains a rare bighorn sheep tag and hires ben to guide his trip.


The conflict of the book is that Madec is literally hunting Ben

plot teaser

Because Ben will earn enough to pay next year's expenses for college, he guides a rich businessman, Madec, into the mountains to hunt for bighorn sheep. But Ben soon finds that Madec's wealth is equal only to his arrogance. He doesn't let anything from keep him from getting what he wants. When Madec accidentally shoots an old prospector, mistaking him for an animal, he has no intention of reporting the death. Instead, he plans to eliminate the only witness- Ben. Now, miles from nowhere, Madec is carrying a .358 Magnum, and Ben is his prey. Naked and unarmed, Ben faces the greatest and perhaps the last challenge of his life.


"Even if he could find a catch basin somewhere in the hills and could squeeze as much as a quart of water out of the sand, it would do him no good at all." (White 44)
This quote is emphasizing the body's need for water in the desert and Ben's inadequacy of water.


The kind of person who would enjoy this book is anyone who enjoys the outdoors or suspense. The audience for this book is expansive because almost everyone enjoys the outdoors somewhat.
I enjoyed this book very much, matter of fact this is the first book I have finished for a class.