Specific Emotions

Group 2 Chapter 14


Anger changes during early childhood more than any other emotion. Toddlers show anger without hesitation. They bite, kick, and hit. Preschoolers aren't as violent as toddlers, they use more verbal communication.


Fear can be caused by imaginary things (monsters) or even not being good enough, or being judged. You can help deal with it by accepting the fear, let the child express the fear without ridicule, and help the child feel able to face the fear.


Jealousy usually starts in toddlers when a parent compares the child to a sibling. Saying things like "Why can't you be neat like your sister Selena?" causes sibling rivalry. Comparisons can damage a child's self esteem. Some children might feel jealous and react by boasting.


Children have very active imaginations which contributes to the stress they have. Children can also have physical symptoms, they may also cry,scream or have temper tantrums. Preschools may bite their nails, swing their leg, or grind their teeth. To help reduce worry, look for the cause, give children time to calm down, and then provide them a chance to get ride of their tension.