The Airport

By Olivier Mul

About the Author

Last Wednesday i had an interview about a book called: ''The Airport''. The author of the book is Jake Richards. The author is 42 years old. He has written over 12 books. He was born in Miami. This book about 'The Airport' he took over 2 years to write it because he want it to be a perfect book to read for teenagers and adults.

What did Robbin think about this book?

Robbin has read this book and he loved it. He liked the book because there is a lot of action in the story and it is a exciting book. He said it was a strange end of the book, because "you didn't expected this to happen." he said. Robbin also said that when you are reading tis book, you can't stop reading because you are totally in the story. Robbin thinks everyone who loves exciting books, will love this book. After this interview with Robbin, I am thinking of reading this book by myself as well.

About the book

The book is about two friends who win a ticket to Spain, but when they are waiting at the gate to get in the plain, twenty men with guns run into the airport and take over everything. Every flight has been canceled by the tower (witch was also taken over). And everyone was scared to death. But after a while someone called the police and the police captured the men. But four years later the two friends went to Spain again (this time they didn't won the tickets) and again before the can get in there plain, the whole airport was getting attacked again. If you wonder what happend the second time the friends get attacked on the airport you will have to read the book by yourself.