My Digital Footprint Evaluation

By: Yulissa Rodriguez

The Importance of a Digital Footprint

What is it?

  • A digital footprint is a online identity of you that is form by what you post online, and the use that you give to it.
  • On the Internet a digital foot print is he word used to describe the trail, traces or " footprints" hat people leave online.

Why is it important?

A digital footprint is important because people can know more about you, and the important things that you do. By having a good digital footprint, people can know what you have to offer to the world.

What Is A Digital Footprint Made Of?

My Digital Footprint Consist of :

My digital footprint consist of the stuff that I post on my social media accounts. For example posting good stuff or making a campaign on twitter, create a blog to write about some important things and create a LinkedIn account. With the purpose connect people.

How I used twitter?


I used twitter to promote the applications for become an ACCESS mentor, by posting photos and using hashtags like: #ACCESSmentors, #LeydenACCESS and #LeydenPride. I also re tweeted, and liked some of the post of my classmates campaigns.


This impacted my digital footprint because I’m using pictures and post to promote and help my school. This shows that I’m using my twitter account in a responsible way, and for a good reason.

What It Says About Me

It shows that I’m helping the school programs by motivating people. And giving them information. And that I use social media to help people.

Big image



The purpose of me making a LinkedIn account is to connect with people, that has the same interest in a specific field. For example I'm interest on become a dermatologist and I will be helpful to connect by LinkedIn with someone that is in that field. It also can help me in the future to find a job.


This affect my digital footprint because if people look for information about me they can see a summary of skills that I have and my work experience.

What it say's About Me

It show people what I’m capable to do. And by looking at my information they can know more about me. It also show that I can be professional because. Because I made LinkedIn account were future employers can see my information, instead of just making a written summary of my work experience.



I have 2 blogs one is about my project that is based on making a DIY project, the other one is about reflections of books that I have read. This informs people about something interesting. One catches the attention of books lover and the other one the attention of people in general.


This affect my digital footprint in a good way, because I’m adding good stuff that can be interesting for people. It show's a good impression of how I use a website to inform people by using pictures, links to my resources and pictures. By looking at my website people can know, that I'm giving a good use to this website.

What It Say's About Me

This by going and look at my blogs you can see that I’m interest in help people. Also it can give them information that they may need. It say's that I want to improve my writing skills because I'm writing my blogs.

Impact That My Digital Footprint Have On My Future

My footprint can affect my future in a positive way. For example if I use social media for a good reason, like the ACCESS campaign that I was supporting. I also used blogger to summarize books. It can show that I used social media to help people. In a future if I apply for a job, they can see that I use social media in a responsible way and that I can be a good employ. My digital footprint can also impact me on the future in a negative way. For example, if I post pictures of me doing a bad things or if I post negative and offensive content in social media. If I go to apply for a job, they aren’t going to fired me because it show that I can be a bad or offensive person.

How I Can Continue Improving My Digital Footprint

To improve my online identity I can continue adding positive content. For example I can continue my blog by posting blog about good things that can help people, or just continuing posting summaries about the books that I have read. I also can use twitter to continue promoting different activities in my school. Another thing that I can do to continue improving my online identity is making more DIY videos and post them in my YouTube account, to help and show people how to do different projects.

The Most Important Thing I Learned Of A Good Digital Footprint

One of the most important things that I have learn about a positive Digital footprint is that it can show people that I can be responsible, helpful and caring. It also can help me to show the world what I can do. The most important thing that I learned is that what you post online is going to be there for ever, and everyone can see it. And even if you post something inappropriate as a joke for you it can affect what people think of you.