Normangee MS Family Newsletter

August 17, 2022

From Mr. Wingfield


Wow, what a great first day here at NMS. Nothing better than seeing the kids back in the hallways. Middle School can be a wonderful and also challenging time for some of our students so rest assured we are here to help get them to where they need to go and navigate their daily routine; especially the 6th graders and new students to Normangee. Today we had a Middle School assembly and went over day to day routines and expectations. The kids were very attentive and respectful; what a great day to be a Panther!!

We are still in the process of handing out all the Chromebooks and badges, but those will be coming soon. Looking forward to a great Day 2 and the rest of the week!

As always, if you have any questions please let us know

Jared Wingfield

Upcoming Dates

First MS Volleyball games on August 22

Hawaiian Shirt Dress up day August 26

First MS Football Game @ Iola August 29

Wear your Favorite Jersey Day on September 2

Pictures on September 7

Dress Code Reminders

We did have a couple of dress code reminders today and we appreciate your support making sure students are meeting dress code standards when coming to school.

As a reminder:

The district’s dress code is based on promoting personal growth and student learning,

with a focus on respect for self, respect for the school community, and safety. Students

should present themselves in a manner that demonstrates these values.

1. Clothing should be reasonable and follow accepted community standards for the

student’s age group. Clothing should fit, be properly sized, and promote modesty. The

following are NOT allowed:

● sheer or see-through clothing, low-cut necklines (front or back), sagging

pants/shorts/skirts (must fit at waist), pajama pants or other sleepwear, leggings

worn alone, yoga pants worn without an over shirt or jacket that extends to the

fingertips; spaghetti strap tops/camisoles/tube tops worn without an appropriate

over-shirt or jacket;

● clothing with any hole, rip or tear above the fingertips or with a distracting or

unsafe hole or tear;

● skirts, shorts, skorts, or dresses that come any higher than within three inches

above the kneecap;

2. Hair should be a natural human color, simple, clean, not distracting, and not interfere

with a student’s vision or with another person’s ability to see a student’s eyes and face.

Design shavings are not allowed in hair. Mohawks are not allowed.

3. Clothing and accessories should not contain pictures, slogans, symbols or words that


● offensive, morbid, vulgar, obscene or suggestive;

● associated with gang activity, subversive groups or activities that incite violence

or are deemed inappropriate for a school setting;

● related to or are an advertisement for drugs, alcohol or tobacco products,

including registered trademarks of such companies;

● a promotion of superiority or inferiority based on gender, race, ethnicity or other

similar attributes.

4. Tattoos must be covered at all times.

This list is not exhaustive and the entire policy can be viewed in the NISD Student handbook

Thanks for your support

7th and 8th Grade Parents

Parents of 7th and 8th grade students, you will notice on your child's schedule that all 7th and 8th grade students have been enrolled in athletics to start the school year. This is not a permanent placement. There will be an opportunity to get out of athletics if your child so chooses and be enrolled in PE. This simplified the scheduling process originally and also allows all of our students to meet our new coaching staff.

Normangee ISD Cell Phone Policy

Normangee High School Parents and Students,

In prior years, the handbook required cell phones to be off and out of sight unless being used for an instructional purpose. Since all secondary students have been issued a chromebook, there is no longer a need to use cell phones for instructional purposes. Therefore we are making some changes to the cell phone policy.

The goal is to refocus our students on the primary purpose of school, which is learning and the learning process. Cell phones have undoubtedly become a major distraction and are detrimental to the learning environment. We want our teachers to have the best opportunity to be able to teach your child in the best learning environment possible. We want our students to have interpersonal skills to be able to communicate in face-to-face conversations with their teachers, other adults, and their peers. When they are constantly on their phones, texting, listening to music through their ear buds, etc., this is not possible.

Beginning this school year, the following cell phone/electronic policy will be in effect for Normangee ISD campuses:

  • Phones must be powered off, put away, and remain out of sight throughout the school day.

  • Students have the option to turn their phone into the office at the beginning of the day or when they arrive on campus.

  • Earbuds, headphones, and smartwatches are also to be turned off, put away, and remain out of sight during the school day. If teachers have classroom activities that require headphones the school will provide them.

A detailed description of the consequences for violation of this policy can be found in the Normangee ISD Student Handbook.

We know that there are times that you will need to get in touch with your child. Parents/Guardians can always call or come to the school office and we can get your child messages as needed. You may also contact your child through their school email:

All Normangee ISD staff have constant and immediate access to an emergency notification program that helps ensure the safety and security of our students and staff, further reducing the needs for students to have cell phones on throughout the school day.

Thank you for your support of Normangee ISD as we continuously strive to create the best educational environment possible that is free from distractions and that helps your child be the best they can be.


Normangee Administration

New District Bell Schedule

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New Pick and Drop off Routes for Elementary and Secondary Buses and Car Riders

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Middle School Athletic Schedules

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