Louis XIV

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Louis XIV "The Sun King"

Louis XIV ruled for 72 years and worked to make the king's power absolute. He believed in Divine Right which said that God had given him the right to rule. He said "I am the state" and then adopted the sun as his personal symbol, which gave him the name of "The Sun King."

Other Monarchs

Other monarchs for France are Henry IV and Louis VIII.


Louis XIV came form the Bourbon Family


Louis XIV's religion was Catholicism.


He built the palace of Versailles and he centralized the power in France.


He was involved in the war of Spanish Succession.

Other Events

He improved the government in France.

Other Characters

Cardinal Richelieu was the chief minister of Louis XIII. Jean Baptist Colbert was The minister of finance under Louis XIV.


He said "I am the state." When he said this he was saying that he was France, and what is good for him was good for France.