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Week of September 7

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Principal's Corner

I hope you had a great Labor Day weekend!! You deserved a good break!! Thanks for putting some much time and effort in making sure we are off to a great start!!

I also hope you enjoyed the PD on the fourth! We are trying to make sure everything we do connects throughout the school year and that it helps you to be more successful in the classroom. As you are now very well aware, we are going to focus on engagement with our students this year! The two ways that we are going to focus on building this engagement is through building relationships and literacy across all content areas. We will be working with the Team Leaders and CAT Leaders to continue rolling this out. Remember everything is built on 90 day plans. After each plan, we will examine our success and areas that were not so successful. We will then work together to build the next plan.

Over the next couple of months we will be meeting on Rock Thursday's to move us forward with our plans. These will fade over time as we feel that we are on top of what we want to accomplish!!

I want to challenge you to take the conversations we had on Friday and keep them alive in your Team and CAT meetings!! The Admin team is looking forward to meeting with you this week to get your thoughts and help keep moving us forward. Please feel free to share any thoughts, concerns or positives that you gained from Friday. Also, please go to Jostle and fill out the survey for Friday for the district!

More to share:

Asset Builders of the Month:

Nomination slips were placed into your mailbox last week. Please continue to nominate fellow staff members who build assets in students. If you prefer, you can also nominate online here.​

For those of you who missed copier training on the new machines, a trainer will be here Sept 9th from 8-9:30 PM and will return 12-1:30 PM. Please come come to the teacher workroom anytime during these times.

Copier tip of the week - Take a picture of your school ID bar code and store in your phone. Pull up the picture and scan it when using the copier. It works the same as your plastic ID card.

We will be holding our annual bus evacuations drills: Sept 9 and 10

Students might possibly late to Advisory so allow them in. We will announce if this is the case.

The Core BLT is looking to start Learning Walks this week. We are wanting to get more familiar with the Authentic Literacy rubric which will be used for Learning Walks and as we move through the next couple of month, begin to fold teachers into the Learning Walks process. Remember, Learning Walks are NOT evaluative and do not list teachers names. We are gathering information to monitor our progress in our Literacy practices throughout the school year.

IMPORTANT: If you are going to be out for PD -- you must submit your request in My Learning Plan two weeks ahead of the date. In theory, MLP will tell AESOP you are going to be out. Learning there are a few glitches happening with these two programs talking to each other, therefore....if you do not get an approval email from AESOP, please contact Jodie and Donna to make certain you are approved for your PD to take place, otherwise there is the potential of no coverage for your classroom.

Interested in taking a great Character Education class? Click here for details and here for registration.


September 8 - 24/7 Begins

September 9-11 & 15 - 7th Grade to the YMCA for Team Building

September 14 & 16 - 8th Grade to Kings Domain

September 18 - NExt (Nagel Extras) Fair - during lunches

September 23 - Staff Meeting - 2:30

September 29 - Conferences

The Bailey Special

#1: SOAR Card Rewards Team Survey

This survey will help the Foundations Team get a clear picture of how Nagel is utilizing our SOAR cards in our PBIS system. Team Leaders, please ensure that the survey is completed prior to Monday, September 14.

#2: Team Building Opportunities

7th grade Team-Building Days at the ME Lyons YMCA begin on Tuesday!

8th grade Team-Building Days at King's Domain begin next week! Here is the "talking points" document you will use to go over the field trip in advisory. Here is the DRAFT schedule for the day you go on the field trip. More details to come during Team Meetings.

#3: The ACT Engage survey will be given to all 7th grade students on Wednesday, September 16, during Advisory. We need to allow students up to 30 minutes, although most will finish earlier. 7th grade Teams can plan their schedules accordingly. Students will be able to take ACT Engage on their own device. I will send more detailed log-in instructions on Monday, September 14.

#4: State Testing Update - Projected release date for the new AIR sample items (ELA and Math) is October. I will share as soon as possible. Currently, we still have access to the Science practice tests. If interested, you can see what they look like here.

#5: Scallywag Tag NExt Activity

Scallywag Tag is hoping to get the Laser Tag Club rolling again in 2016. We are looking for a Nagel Staff member that would be interested in helping out (ride the bus over right after school, play Laser Tag, ensure everyone gets picked up afterwards). Here are the projected dates: 1/13, 1/20, 1/27, 2/3, 2/10, 2/17, 2/24, 3/2. A Scallway staff member will drive you back to Nagel afterwards and Scallywag is offering free admission for you and your child during the club's time. Please let me know if you are interested!

Lizzy's Academic Advice

Item #1 - Reminder for Team Leaders..our September Team Leaders Meeting is this week (September 9th) in room 115 from 2:30-3:30 PM.

Item #2 - Secondary Screening will take place on September 14 and 15 during encore time. Expect to see a list of students who will participate in the screening come out in an email within the next day or two. It will be essential that you check your mailboxes prior to the screening days to ensure that students in your advisory receive passes to move to the Learning Commons for the assessments. We will send reminders.

Item #3 - Information on conferences will be coming out soon. Our first conference will be on September 29th. Please stay on the lookout for information on setting up My Conference Time and other details pertaining to conferences.

Item #4 - Our first Rock Thursday will take place on Thursday, September 17th in room 115

Come and support our Nighthawks at their sporting events this week!

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Tech Bytes

LC Schedule

The back portion of the LC will be sectioned off again for the first part of this week for the 7th Grade Science Team’s inference and observation crime scene. However, science classes will not be using the LC for classes so that opens the LC up for other visitors.

The LC has not been booked during Core/Encore times at all this week! Please feel free to email Melissa to let her know if you are interested in bringing your class/team down once or several times throughout the week. Our goal is to have classes down here in the LC as often as possible.

Student Print

Student printing via Google Cloud Print has arrived. We have tested it with several students and then even had an entire class come down and give it a try. Step by step instructions as well as a video will be posted to Schoology, Jostle and sent via email as soon as it is ready for teacher and student viewing.

Staff Device Registration

If you use a personal tablet, phone, and/or laptop at school and you use the Guest Wireless Network to connect to the internet you will need to supply us with your MAC address for those devices. Sept 14th is when we will start MAC filtering. If you have not given us your MAC address before then you will not be able to connect to the internet.

Please fill out Staff MAC (WiFi/Physical) Address Registration form for each device you need to register with us.

GAFE Summit

Please fill out the Gafe Summit Interest Form to let us know that you are interested in attending.

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Mark's Minutes

This is just a reminder that I need all Next Activity Flyers by the end of this week. Right now we have around 14 clubs. Last year we had roughly 35 clubs going. Additionally, I have a Google Doc going to keep track of clubs, days, times, etc. Please add your name to this list as your sending me the flyer to be copied for 9/18.

Please let me know if you have any questions. THANKS!

Events this week:

Volleyball tomorrow at 4.30/5:30

Volleyball and Football Wednesday 4:30/5:30

Football Thursday at 4:30/5:30