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"Just go North"

If you are a slave living in the Black Belt and after receiving a particularly severe flogging from your overseer you "accidentally" find yourself running in the opposite direction of the plantation you were working for, then do not fret, just look for the brightest thing that you can see in the sky. If you happened to be blinded by the brightest thing in the sky, then wait until nightfall. You should be able to spot the Northern Star. Just follow that star and it "should" *Wink* lead you back "Home" *Wink*.


If you happen to get "lost" while following the largest, brightest, non-moving object in the night sky, don't worry, you should eventually run into a large river. Unfortunately, the river is a bit too large to cross by yourself. So you may have to wait for a boat to take you across. The boat driver should gave you some instructions on where to go and what to do. He should send you to a small house or a barn of some kind. If he sends you to a public location or to the authorities, then just continue to follow the north star... quickly... If it is day, then just follow the Big glowing thing in the sky that you mistook as the North Star earlier. whatever you do, just do it quickly.

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'Guiding Sheep"

If you are white and live near the Ohio River, you may run into a "lost" slave that may need help getting back "home". If this happens, then help the "lost" slave go as far North as possible. Their plantation should be around there. If you live in Ironton, I would suggest sending them to Columbus to help get them "home". You should also tell them that after they get to Columbus, they should head off to Berlin to get on a boat and cross Lake Erie. After that, you should be done. Rinse and repeat every time this happens to you.

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If you are a black "participating" in a "particular Institution" and are thinking about throwing a "party" for your owners celebrating their "kindness and generosity" by presenting them and their families with sharpened farming tools and pitch forks as "presents", you you should definitely follow the example of Nat Turner who was very successful at throwing a "party" for his superiors. Also, be sure not to ruin the surprise of the party by telling your owners like Denmark vesey. The whites are wont be happy if you spoil the surprise.

Author Notes

Although the word is part of our curriculum and learning experience, I refuse to use the word "darkie" in context. It is a very derogatory term for a black man and, much in the same way I would not state any other swear, cuss, or slang words even if asked to, I wish to refrain from using that term. Please forgive me for my shrewdness on the matter.